About Diana

NTO-button - SmallDiana is a professional, Certified Dog Trainer who is dedicated to the care and humane treatment of dogs since 2013.  After more than two decades working in the technology industry, Diana found a new passion — working with dogs!  It started when her own dog, a German Shepherd named Siena, started having behavior problems that needed fixing.   She started working with other trainers and taking classes and absorbing all she could.  She decided to take her passion for dogs and enter a new profession as a pet dog trainer. When she realized that helping people and their dogs communicate more effectively was what she enjoyed most, she decided to strengthen her dog training skills even more.

Diana attended Animal Behavior Academy (ABC) and became a Certified Dog Trainer. ABC gave her the opportunity to work with some great mentor trainers, as well as learn about dog behaviors, training techniques, how dogs learn and about different breeds. During her six-month externship at the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV), Diana worked with many different dogs, mostly small and medium size shelter dogs. Her approach to training is positive and very gentle.  The methods used are without force or dominance and always at the dogs pace. Diana gives owners the tools they need to communicate properly and live in harmony with their dogs.

Diana has also attended Trish King’s Academy of Dog Behavior (CBA) levels 1 & 2.  In these courses, she learned about social theory, body language, safe handling, equipment usage, common behavior problems, observation, handling and behavior evaluations, practical application of learning theory to solve behavior issues, and working with people (teaching and consulting).  Diana has experience with leash-reactive and fearful dogs.

In addition to running her own dog based business, Diana has volunteered at the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) and has worked with shelter dogs and assists group training classes.  Diana also spends time supervising puppy socials and puppy daycare programs.  Professional references available upon request.